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Deep Clean - 10L

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Organic cleaner for mild descaling compatible with the use of friendly bacteria

How does BioOrg work?
Spray Deep Clean from top to bottom onto the item to be descaled. Leave to work for a few minutes, but do not allow to dry. Remove limescale and dirt with a scouring sponge or brush as needed. Rinse with clean water.

What? Environmentally-friendly cleaner based on organic citric acid, compatible with the use of products that contain friendly bacteria. Deep clean is highly suitable for removing limescale deposits from any surface. Only use on acid-resistant material. Do not mix with any other products.

Instructions: Use undiluted. Composition in accordance with EC regulation: organic citric acid pH 2.1.

Ready to use BioOrg?

Hundreds of cleaning companies and facility managers use our products to clean buildings and especially to keep them clean. They save time and money in a one hundred percent ecological way.

The protective layer

After spraying, a natural BioFilter is created that breaks down dust, dirt and odour. All you have to do is remove visible dirt with a microfibre cloth or mop. And much less vacuuming!