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HVAC Coat - 10L

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Hvac Coat is a ready-to-use protective liquid with friendly bacteria that protects heat exchangers against dust and fine dust. This product can only be applied after cleaning the part with Hvac Clean.

Mist HVAC Coat in the condenser with a battery-powered misting device (example on drawing = E-Spray 1L) against the airflow of the unit. Then atomize with the airflow.

Repeat this operation twice a year.


This is a pH neutral product, safe for plants, humans and animals and materials.

Ready to use BioOrg?

Hundreds of cleaning companies and facility managers use our products to clean buildings and especially to keep them clean. They save time and money in a one hundred percent ecological way.

The protective layer

After spraying, a natural BioFilter is created that breaks down dust, dirt and odour. All you have to do is remove visible dirt with a microfibre cloth or mop. And much less vacuuming!