Smart clean with less effort

With BioOrg's innovative spray method, you clean faster, cheaper and healthier. Cover your environment with a Biofilter to clean air and surfaces smartly. The proof is amazing, contact us and we will gladly show you the result!

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Ready to use BioOrg?

Hundreds of cleaning companies and facility managers use our products to clean buildings and especially to keep them clean. They save time and money in a one hundred percent ecological way.

  • More efficient

    Thanks to BioOrg, you clean a lot more in less time. Accumulated dust can be removed less often.

  • Cheaper

    Companies that work with BioOrg clean faster and less often. This way, you can save a lot of costs.

  • Healthier

    BioOrg is completely organic: our spray contains friendly bacteria that remove fine dust and pollution throughout the room.

  • No odour

    Thanks to BioOrg, bad odours disappear. This makes it the ideal solution for buildings where many people come together.