Do I need any skills to use AirCo sprays ?

No, please follow the instruction videos on bioorg.manual.to

How frequent should I clean my AirCo system with BioOrg AirCo products?

At the beginning of every season, or similar with a scheduled maintenance intervention.

How frequent should I use Surface clean at home or office ?

Please use Surface clean to get rid of stains or other visible pollution at a daily or regular base when needed.

How frequent should I use Odor or Pet clean to fully remove unpleasant odor?

Use Odor clean every time you encounter a bad odor by aiming at the source of the smell. Repeat the action several times daily, until the smell disappears.

Pet clean can be used by aiming at the bench or toilet box of your pet, in the beginning several times daily, and after once a day to prevent smell from coming back.

What is the difference between Surface, Odor, Pet and Textile?
Each product has it's own specific mix of bacteria to maximize the efficiency for that specific purpose

How many spray do I need to clean X (m³) space on average?
The Surface clean is meant for dealing with stains of dirt and finger prints on all kind of surfaces on a very local range. You will need app.1 to 3 ml per square meter for regular use.

Are sprays cans recyclable?
Yes, we only use recyclable materials in our production facility.

What should I do if there is a lot of dirt or grease , should i prepare the surface before applying  BioOrg products?

No, only you should need more liquid to get rid of the stains. When the dirt or grease is too important, please take it away manually or by vacuum cleaner first.
Can I spray BioOrg products near food or oil paintings?
Yes, there is no danger of damage or health risk. Note that the BioOrg products are not made to use in a professional food production area.. Due to HACCP regulations, we do not recommend the use of these bacteria in a public production kitchen. In refrigerators, where only packaged food is available, or in canteens and refectories, the use of BioOrg cleaning products is not a problem.
How to use the sprays?
There is a special manual made for our customers and available at online instructions

Questions about our products?

head over to bioorg.eu